Welcome to Highland Dawn Media

Quality local content, platforms for self-expression, mental, moral and spiritual upliftment, is the need of the hour for the volatile & vast youth population of North east India. HDM programs have at its core, sound moral, Christian values and principles. 

HDM has produced Multi-Media, from Radio & TV programs to Internet Video Broadcast Streams. This includes Documentaries, Features, TV shows, Music Videos, & Live Event Coverage. .

HDM has a passion and calling for media ministry & training youth in media. We help Churches with their audio, video, and powerpoint in the way of training, consulting, and equipment needs.

HDM has shot & edited Footages for other TV Channels like Doordarshan, Northeast, NETV, ZEE TV, ZEE studio-music, NE Hifi, New Delhi Television - NDTV, Far East TV - FETV, & Crossroads Canada.

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